Manchester Islamic Centre

About the Manchester Islamic Center


The building was purchased in 1991 using donations from charitable community members and began its career as an Islamic Centre after undergoing renovations. Throughout the years, many Iranians and Muslims of other ethnicities and nationalities have benefited from this Centre to strengthen the foundations of their religious beliefs. Manchester Islamic Centre is one of the oldest Iranian Islamic Centres in the UK and caters to Shia Muslims of more than ten different nationalities as well as the large community of Iranians in and around Manchester. The enthusiastic participation of youths in this Centre’s events and programs is one of its greatest merits. More than 30 religious and educational events are held monthly in this Centre as well as several seminars and conferences throughout the year.


1. Protecting and strengthening the faith of Iranians in the area and increasing their religious knowledge 2. Special attention to younger audiences through educational and leisurely programs 3. Increasing unity among Shias and prioritising joint programs 4. Increasing unity among different Islamic sects 6. Increasing unity among followers of different monotheistic religions 7. Inviting non Muslims to Islam 8. Providing social services

Special Occasions

On special occasions such as Eids, the birth and death anniversaries of Imams and Iranian national holidays, special programs are held in this Centre.

On special occasions such as Eids, the birth and death anniversaries of Imams and Iranian national holidays, special programs are held in this Centre.

Daily activities

1. The library and bookshop are open 2. Clients are seen and phone calls and emails are answered 3. Conversions to Islam are performed and certificates are issued

4. Islamic marriages are performed and certificates are issued

5. Islamic divorces are performed and certificates are issued

6. Donations are accepted and collected and deposited into a special account to be sent to orphans and those in need

7. Majles e tarheem may be held in the centre 8. Congregational prayers are performed at noon


On religious occasions such as the birth or martyrdom of Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon her, as well as national occasions, a special program is held in this center.

The usual activities and programs of Manchester Islamic Center

Daily activities of the center:

The office hours of the center are Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. During these hours, the usual activities of the center are carried out as follows:

1. The center’s bookstore and library are open to the public.

2. Responding to clients and phone questions and people’s emails.

3. Performing the ceremony of conversion to Islam and issuing certificates for applicants

4. Execution of marriage contract and issuance of certificate to present to the consulate

5. Execution of divorce and issuance of certificate to present to the consulate

6. Accepting and collecting alms and depositing it to a special account and sending it to orphans and the needy

7. Holding a funeral in the Islamic center

Weekly Activities


Arabic programs: Congregational prayer and lecture in Arabic from 6.30pm to 9.30pm


Heydariyoon: Congregational prayer, ziarat al ashura, lecture and latmiya from 7.30pm to 9.30pm


a) Quran recitation majlis from 6pm to 7pm

b) Congregational prayer, dua kumayl, lecture and refreshments from 7pm to 9pm

c) Qur’an, Ahkam and Aqaid classes in English and Farsi along with fun activities conducted by Mohebban al Mahdi (men) and Mohebban al Zahra (women)

Fridays: Dua Nudba from 7am to 8.30am

On all days of the week, noon and evening prayers are offered at the Manchester Islamic Center.

Imams of Manchester Islamic Center since 1992

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Hajjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Seyyed Asdalah Awai from 2016 until now