Manchester Islamic Centre

Islamic divorce

The following documents are required to perform Sharia divorce at Manchester Islamic Center:

1- Two photos of each

2- The original birth certificate of the parties

3-Copy of marriage certificate (Sharia or legal)

4- If an English divorce has been done (copy of the document)

5- National code number

6- Filling the relevant forms in the center

* It is not necessary to bring a witness, the intuition we have is used

* Please complete all agreements regarding debt and dowry before visiting the center

* Also, the presence and signature of the parties is required to perform Sharia divorce

* The cost of Islamic divorce is 250 pounds (cash payment)

* If you choose your appointment on Saturday and Sunday, 30 pounds will be charged more

*Islamic hijab is not mandatory, but please respect the affairs of the mosque and the Islamic center

Address of the center:

Manchester Islamic Centre

5 Sidney Street (off Oxford Road)


M1 7HB

Phone number: 01612738100